Yoga Integrated Therapy

In this assessment and rehabilitative package, meet with Paul and Anne, each for an hour, with feedback from each. They also meet on your behalf to discuss your specific rehabilitation.

Paul Wolfe – Manual Integrative Therapy –

(613) 761-7977

All tissues have a self preservation instinct and the capacity to circle the wagons around an injury. Bones, joints, connective tissue et al. will condense, contract and congeal in order to protect themselves and their neighbours. This can create a structural impairment that no amount of functional exercising can unlock. There are specific compression techniques to release these protective reflexes in the body, as well as techniques to repair the underlying injury. These include: Strain/Counterstrain (for muscles); Myofascial Release (for connective tissue); Visceral Mobilization (for organs); Muscle Energy Technique (for joints); Cranial Therapy (for the central nervous system); Lymph Therapy (for lymph); Neural Tissue Tension Technique (for the peripheral nervous system); and Advanced Strain/Counterstrain (for automatically inervated tissues). The final goal is structural integrity.

Anne Pitman – Embodied Yoga –

(613) 761-1424

Anne brings the specific information from the session with Paul back to a yoga practice, whether you want to reintegrate into your favourite class (which postures to emphasize, which to avoid) or desire a home practice. Anne specializes in a gentle approach to yoga, specific to individual needs. Avoid re-injury and allow more integration and balance in a functional yoga practice.