Yoga and Dying

“Bringing grief and death out of the shadow is our spiritual responsibility, our sacred duty. By doing so, we may be able to feel our desire for life again and remember who we are, where we belong, and what is sacred”

Francis Weller - The Wild Edge of Sorrow

“How we die, and how we carry our dead: this makes our village life, our culture, or it breaks it”.

Stephen Jenkinson - Die Wise

It is hard to die. Without a shared understanding of death, we proceed alone (even while many surrounds us), feeling our way in the dark, beset by a cultural learning that can’t allow village-minded support.

What does dying well look like, here and now?

Yoga Therapy (a holistic approach to living and dying well), beautifully accompanies the necessary wrestle in the dying time, through generous body-centered listening, supportive questioning, understanding presence, gentle breathwork and somatic movement. Discomfort, pain, fear, grief and anxiety can be well met, acknowledged and eased, for those moving toward death and those around them who will, forged by the dying experience, carry them well.